Youth Chaplain’s  Desk

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Greetings. As we enter in to the month of April we are coming closer to the Passion
Week and the remembrance of what Christ did for us and how this resulted in the
eternity being opened to us. The passion of Christ is sometimes limited to the pain,
suffering and death which Christ experienced for us about 2000 years ago and we
feel that “ok that’s done” and gone. However as we remember it this year it is also a
reminder of what we need to look forward for, in the future.

The passion would be of no value if we are not able to see how Resurrection of our
LORD has pointed to and proved to us that the reality in death as we perceive today
will be transformed in the second coming of our LORD. During his public ministry
Jesus taught “I am the way, the truth and the life”, (John 14:6) and “I am the good
shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep”(John 10:11) proved
this teaching by offering himself as a sacrifice to take away our sins. This same Jesus
also taught “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live,
even though they die” (John 11: 25).
That’s where the historical reference and truth of Jesus’ resurrection reminds us
today that we who believe in Christ and will die in Christ will resurrect on the last
day, at His second coming to life in eternity with him. As we participate in our
Lenten worships and also the Passion Week services let us renew our minds and
prepare our hearts with this reminder of Resurrection which promises eternity for
those who believe in Christ.

The Young family fellowship in our parish has resumed regular in person meeting in
the church and it has been a time of great fellowship and sharing of faith experiences
and challenges for all who participate and I encourage more young couples to come
and join this journey. We were also happy to join in the retreat of the Yuvajana
Sakhyam which was held in our parish hall on the 19th of March which was well
organized and also well participated. It was a time for refreshing ourselves with our
roles on Christian discipleship and also a great time of sharing and fellowship.
Our Youth fellowship did a great mission initiative through the Indian Clothes drive
and I appreciate the efforts of all the Youth Fellowship members who helped in this
and the parish members who supported this cause. Our Sunday school is also
putting a lot of effort to make sure that our children are being natured in faith and I hope
that Lenten fellowship club, the Lenten daily devotionals and all such activities will be a
blessing to our children. As parents let us continue to make sure that our children are not
just coming to Sunday school but that they are brought to the church along with us for the
worship service, since worship is what connects us with God. The liturgy is the means of
communication between God and his people and we need to immerse ourselves in the
liturgy to know him more and worship him more.

I also had the privilege to take classes for 18 of our children who are preparing for their
first communion on the 27th of March. I praise and thank God for their parents and
everyone who guided their faith journey thus far. I pray and wish that all these children
who will come and proclaim their faith in front of this faith community, will continue to
get stronger in their faith journey in the years ahead and witness the Lord through their
life. As a church let us keep them in our prayers and also I would like to remind them
again that this is not the final step but one of the many steps, and that they need to
continue to learn the word of God through the Sunday School, become a part of the Youth
fellowship and regularly participate in all our worship services and make use of all the
opportunities to get stronger in faith and be blessing to the church.

May the lord be with us all.

Yours in Christ’s service
Rev. Thomas K. Mathew
Youth Chaplain