Youth Chaplain’s  Desk

From the Youth Chaplain’s Desk
Dearly beloved in Christ.
It gives me great joy to address you all through this bulletin. I am thankful to God Almighty
for giving me an opportunity to be part of your lives and to minister to the young generations
of our church in the Philadelphia region. They are the future pillars of our church and it is our
responsibility to bring them up in true faith and devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I firmly believe that we are together in this great task of bringing and building God’s
At the onset let us remember all the past youth chaplains who have served in various
capacities for the sake of our young generations. Especially let me express our sincere thanks
to my predecessor Rev. Thomas K. Mathew and family for their tireless efforts in this region.
I wish him continued success and grace in his ministry at Aluva, Santhigiri Ashram.
Fourth of July is celebrated as American Independence Day. This day is celebrated
with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family
reunions, political speeches, and ceremonies. On this day we celebrate our freedom. But we
need to ask ourselves whether we are truly free. Jesus in the gospel of St. John 8:34 reminds
us that, ‘everyone who sins is a slave to sin’. We are slaves to various forms of addictions,
desires, our need for power and admiration, slave to what others think of ourselves etc.
Without Jesus, we are all slaves to sin. But, ‘if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed’
(ver.35). Yes, Jesus sets us free. He frees us from guilt and shame, from addictions, from all
fears and gives us freedom to be ourselves. This freedom received in Christ gives us an
opportunity to know Him closely and to be in a relationship with Him. Every Holy
Communion service in which we partake in the Holy Body and Blood of our Saviour Jesus
Christ which frees us of our sin. It leads us to a closer relationship with Him. That is actual
freedom, i.e. freedom in Christ. I pray that we all experience this freedom which we have
received in Christ Jesus that frees us from our sin and bondage from the ways of the world.
I am looking forward to engaging with our youths through Youth Fellowship meetings,
college visits and also being together for the upcoming Diocesan Youth Conference that is to
be held in Chicago from July 20 th to 23 rd . I am also looking forward to spending time with the
Young Family Fellowships.
Along with my wife Ginu and our kids Jayden and Jewel, we thankfully remember all the
efforts taken by Bibi achen and family, the executive committee members, the youths and all
the parish members who warmly welcomed us on our arrival.
Kindly remember us in your prayers that our ministry be beneficial for you and pleasing in
the sight of the Lord.

Yours in Christ’s service
Rev. Jeff Jack Philips Cheravallil
Youth Chaplain