Youth Chaplain’s  Desk

Dearly Beloved.

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

We praise and thank God for this wonderful opportunity that the Lord has bestowed upon us to join you in your faith journey here in Philadelphia and serve you depending on His grace. We are also grateful to the Episcopal Synod of the Mar Thoma Church who permitted us to serve here.

The Church remains the integral part of a Christian believer and the primary space and source for Christian nurturing and development after our home. The movement of the Church in its universal sense over the centuries can be described as a growth but in recent times we may also tend to see a decline which can be interpreted in various ways. On the other hand we need to evaluate if the Church has been able to fulfill the purpose that God has for it, and over the years if we are able to redefine ourselves to the changing times and the growing challenges and needs. Hence I believe more than the growth in the numbers our sight should be on the checklist of fulfilling purpose that we have been designed for.

The Mission outlook that the Mar Thoma Church we all belong to, is that very purpose that we need to be sincere and put our heart and soul and work together. The youths of the Church has a great role in reinventing the mission outlook according to the changing times and I am sure that when the youths claim that vision it will truly bring new dynamics to the growth of the church and its mission.

Looking forward to pray, worship, learn, serve and work together for fulfilling the purpose that the Lord has created us for and thereby made us a part of this great church.

May the abiding presence and the communion of the Holy Spirit guide us all in this journey ahead.

With love and prayers

In His service

Thomas achen, Neenu, Ananya, Ansh and Ahana



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Rev. Thomas K. Mathew


Cell :516-661-7844

Parsonage: 215-904-8808