From Vicar’s Desk

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own
understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths

Dearly beloved in Christ,
In a world of uncertainties and doubts, one thing that we can be sure of is that God is
our everlasting refuge, and he will never forsake us nor abandon us. The ultimate
sacrifice that God made for us, that He gave His only begotten son to die on the cross
for us is remembered and meditated as we move through the Great Lent. It is a time
of the year to remember with awe and gratitude the love that nailed Jesus on to the
cross for our sins. Every year we meditate on the Christ event and these meditations
should enrich our spiritual life and strengthen our relationship with God. The
passion week liturgy of the Mar Thoma Church was prepared by our forefathers,and
it is noteworthy that the prayers abound in meaning and significance. We need to
realize the essence of these prayers to undergo a spiritual transformation and
understand God’s love for us.I beseech your prayerful participation in the worship
services that will be held in-personon the days starting from mid-lent and during the
passion week. There might be many reasons for not attending the services, but it
would be great if you could schedule your engagements in such a way as to make it
convenient to attend the services whenever you can. I request you all to ensure the
participation of our children in the services. They have to be trained in the tradition
of our church and are to be made aware of the significance of the crucifixion,
resurrection, and ascension of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Theymust be
prepared to look forward to the Second Coming and live a life pleasing to God.

Due to certain unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances the first Holy
Communion Service that was scheduled at the beginning of this year was postponed.
It is a matter of great happiness that eighteen of our children have been trained and
prayerfully prepared to receive their first Holy Communion and faith affirmation. It
is the duty of each one of us to pray for these children as they need heavenly guidance
and God’s grace to keep them rooted in faith.Our Diocesan Episcopa Rt.Rev. Dr Isaac
Mar Philoxenos Thirumeni would be leading the service on 27thMarch 2022.It is a
blessed occasion for our Ascension family and let us praise God for His abundant

The smooth conduct of the Annual General body meeting of 2021 was made possible
with the prayers and support of all the parish members. The new executive committee
has assumed responsibilities and the dedication of the members of the executive
committee for the year 2022 will be held on the day of the Episcopal visit. Let me take this
opportunity to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of the
2021 Executive committee.I would like to express sincere gratitude on behalf of all the
parish members to the office bearers for the selfless, persistent, and efficient execution
of the tasks entrusted with them in a commendable manner. Let us pray for God’s
guidance and blessings to rest upon the parish and all the activities in the new year as
well.Let me place on record my appreciation for the office bearers of all the
organizations for discharging their duties efficiently. Prayer is the driving force behind
all that we do and let us submit all our plans before His presence.
This year is important to the parish as we are in the 25th year. Reaching this milestone
has been made possible only because of God’s grace and divine providence. We need to
plan the activities for this year and make our jubilee year a memorable one. I request
your wholehearted cooperation and support for the same.
We have visited 118 families so far and would like to visit the remaining families when
it is convenient. It is important to know each other to grow in Christ’sfellowship and
love. I am happy to see an increased participation in the Sunday services and I expect
that the worship services, prayer meetings, and all activities of the parish will be back to
normal in the weeks ahead.

I have great joy in congratulating our Yuvajana Sakhyam for being selected as the best
Yuvajana Sakhyam of the Diocese of the North America and Europe. It is quite
praiseworthy as this achievement comes to us as they strived hard to keep going despite
the hard times and adverse circumstances. I appreciate the Secretary, Mr. Jitin Varghese
and all the office bearers and members for their teamwork.

The resurrected Christ is the crux of our faith and the hope of our salvation. As we
prepare to celebrate the resurrection, may you be filled with the love, grace, and peace
of Jesus Christ. Wish you all a blessed and happy Easter!

Yours in His service,
Bibi Achen

This is Bibi achen , Teena Kochamma , Nivedh and Nevin.