From Vicar’s Desk

I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken. Therefore, my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure.” Psalms 16:8,9    


Dearly beloved in Christ,

Easter Greetings!!


The whole world is going through a challenging and unprecedented situation beginning with wide spread of an epidemic in January 2020 that quickly became an emergency situation- COVID -19 spreading fear and uncertainty everywhere. More than 550,000 people lost their life in United states itself in the last one year and the deaths are continuing. We lost one member in April 2020 due to  COVID- 19. We started to use alternative methods of community prayers and worship services using technological means from March 2020 immediately after the lockdown and learned to use the online platforms which helped and strengthened us. Due to the lockdown the revenue of the Parish reduced to a dangerous situation. We were not able to meet our monthly expenses and the Executive committee was forced to take personal loan, mortgage deferment for six months and EIDL loan from Federal Government. Good number of families came forward and supported the Parish wholeheartedly during this difficult situation. Let us continue to provide necessary care and support through our prayers and spiritual help to all members. May God almighty help us to overcome this situation soon and enable us to grow in faith and return back to our normal life and regular in person worship services, prayer fellowships and other activities of church.


The first quarter of 2021 is over and we are entering to the second. The Annual general body meeting of 2020 is over. The office bearers and Executive committee for 2021 has taken charge. I urge you to discharge your duties and responsibilities for the glory of God and the betterment of our Parish and Church. I thank the office bearers and Executive committee of 2020 and wish all the blessings for the new committee. 


We the Ascension family are in great joy and proud that our Member Rev. Dn. Jeswin S. John is going to  be ordained as a Clergy (Kassessa) of the Marthoma Church on Saturday, April 10,2021 at our Sanctuary. I take this opportunity to wish him all the best and on behalf of all of us I thank and appreciate his parents for understanding their son’s interest and call for the full-time ministry of the Church and giving him wholehearted support during the training period.


This is the last letter through which I address you as the Vicar of Ascension Marthoma Church. We joined here on Thursday, May 4, 2017.We were welcomed and were given all necessary support and fellowship. All of you have been so nice to me, my wife Lisha, daughter Sereen and son Reuben and for that we have no enough words to say. As we are going, we would like to let you know how much we loved this parish and all of you. Sincere thanks to all for your prayers, fellowship, friendship and support that you all gave us during the last four years. I remember with gratitude Late. His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan Tirumeni and Late. His Grace Rt.Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius Suffragan Metropolitan Tirumeni. Thanks to His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Theodosius Marthoma Metropolitan Tirumeni, His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa Tirumeni.

Thanks to former Diocesan Secretary Achens Rev. Denny Philip, Rev. Manoj Idiculla and present secretary Rev. Aju Abraham, our former Vicar Binu C. Samuel and Sheeja Kochamma, Youth Chaplains Rev. Dennis Abraham, Rev.  Prince Varghese and family, Rev. Thomas K. Mathew, Neenu Kochamma and children for their love, support and fellowship. A special thanks to the office bearers and Executive committee members of 2017,2018,2019, 2020 and 2021.


We got opportunity to visit most of the families several times as required except four families as we didn’t get permission. Due to the Pandemic situation and lack of time we won’t be able to visit all the families again. We will keep you in our prayers. God willing, we will be returning to India on Monday, April 26th evening from Philadelphia.


Saying goodbye is difficult, especially to the loved ones, but I strongly believe that God purposely displaces us so that we become new avenues for His work. Our new appointment is to Hoskote Mission and Medical Centre in Bangalore as director and missionary where I started ordained ministry as an assistant missionary.


Keep three things in mind.


  1. Unity: Unity is the hallmark of the Church and also among its members


  1. Discipline: Discipline in the church in every activity done.


  1. Space: Every member shall get a space in the functioning of the Parish.


I am happy that your new vicar Rev. Bibi Mathew Chacko is a great man of God, good leader and friend and I am sure that Ascension will reach new heights under his able leadership.


I wish Bibi Achen, Teena Kochamma and children all the best and our prayers.


May the good Lord enable us to work together for His glory.


Jinson K.Mathew Achen ,        


March 26,2021 (40th Friday)


This is Bibi achen , Teena Kochamma , Nivedh and Nevin.