From Vicar’s Desk


Greetings in the name of Almighty God!

It is with deep sense of gratitude and immense pleasure that I greet you all as Vicar of Ascension Mar Thoma Church. I praise God for giving me this opportunity to serve in this parish and earnestly believe that this is a well proposed plan of God. I completely surrender myself beneath His powerful hands. May God help me and strengthen me to serve according to His wish and will. I pray that my ministry here be fruitful and effective. The long journey from India to Philadelphia took 16 days owing to the present scenario of Covid 19 pandemic. We had to stay in Dubai for 14 days to be permitted to enter the US.  The members of the executive committee had come all the way to JFK Airport, New York to receive us.   I reached Philadelphia on 27th September 2021, and I express my sincere gratitude to the office bearers, committee members and to all of you for the warm welcome extended to me.

I acknowledge the commendable service rendered by Rev. Jinson K. Mathew, Lisha Kochamma, Serene and Reuben during the last four years. Achen extended his wholehearted support to all the parish activities and helped to enrich the parish with his prayers and hard work. May Jesus Christ be with him and continue to strengthen him at his new place of ministry. I would also like to place on record my gratitude and appreciations to Rev. Thomas K. Mathew and the office bearers for fulfilling their duties in an exceptional manner for the uninterrupted functioning of the parish during my absence.

At the outset of my service here I would like to request your prayerful support and co-operation throughout. I believe that God has commissioned me to this place and that He will strengthen me. I am sure that working together with you all would be a pleasurable experience. A parish flourishes when the members work together in a spirit of oneness. Each one of us is sent to this world with a mission to glorify God’s name through our lives. We as Ascension family shall strive to continue to work together united in Christ’s love, rooted in eternal faith and strengthened in God’s grace towards the accomplishment of His mission. It is with great joy that I look forward to working together with Thomas K. Mathew achen and family. Kindly uphold us and our families in your prayers.

We are moving towards the end of this year and the activities of all the organizations have been affected to some extent by the ongoing pandemic situation. Though it may take some time for us to be back to the normal course, I expect that the activities of all the organizations may step by step reach its full strength and vigor.

The season of advent will set in soon with new hopes, joy, and good cheer. The Christmas Carol and Christmas day services are joyful occasions where our enlivened participation shows our gratitude to God for giving us yet another opportunity to remember His son’s humble birth. May the spirit and good tidings of Christmas be with us for evermore.

As we stand at the threshold of the new year with the expectancy of good things to come, our hearts are filled with thanksgiving for God’s goodness throughout the last year. We also wonder how to start the New Year. The psalmist in Psalm: 65 exults that God’s deeds are so marvelous, that we will spontaneously rally to fulfil our vows to the Lord. The Psalmist further says that God has already destined us to be His and we have already been brought into His holy temple to give thanks and praise Him. This is a blessed privilege. Let’s make sure that we start our year with praise and end the same with thanksgiving. The assurance of the psalmist is that God transforms our desert experience into blooms of beauty and so we shout for joy.

As we are stepping into a new year, do remember that God has put us all in this world with a specific and special purpose. Let us re-dedicate ourselves before our Lord in this new year. Let us try our best to utilize our different and diversified talents for His glory and the services of our fellow beings. We must thank God for each moment of our lives. We must thank God for every breath that we take in, for every meal that we eat, for every person that we meet. The goodness that God bestows upon us is immeasurable. His love for us is inconceivable and his mercy is unfathomable. All we can do is to surrender ourselves before God with a thankful heart and a purposeful life.

May God Almighty bless us all !

With prayerful regards,

Bibi Achen  


This is Bibi achen , Teena Kochamma , Nivedh and Nevin.